Why Being Negative is Normal

In today’s society we hear a lot about the benefits of being positive – but there are always two sides to the story! While my personal philosophy on life aligns with the proven science of positive psychology, it would be rather close-minded if I didn’t at least understand those who hold the opposite belief. In today’s article, we’ll take a deeper look at why it’s ok to be negative sometimes, even in a world that expects us all to be happy.

I recently discovered an interview with Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann who is part of the “anti-self help” movement. While I don’t subscribe to his line of thinking, I do acknowledge that he has some valid points (ex. it’s easy to get caught up in the pressure we apply on ourselves for not becoming who we hoped we would). Here’s a link to the audio:


It is important to acknowledge that life is composed of positives and negatives. It is not rosy all the time, and that’s ok. The negative experiences we have are what make the positive times so enriching. Attempting to block either of these out completely is not only unhealthy, it’s unnatural.
If there are weeds in your proverbial garden, ignoring them doesn’t mean they will go away. Seeing them for what they are and then deciding to get rid of them is a good thing. We can’t hid from the bad stuff. It’s ok to sit with the weeds for a while and decide what to do once you are ready.

I hope you enjoy the interview above – feel free to share with your family, friends and colleagues who may benefit!