There Are 133 Days Left in 2017 – Here’s How To Maximize Them

There are 133 days left in 2017 – crazy, right?! The year will be finished before we know it, so here’s how to get the best from the almost four and a half months remaining.

1. With summer still in full swing, take some time now to think about what you want out of those 133 days. Don’t wait until September to get caught up in the fall rush. Do it now. Carve out 60min in the next two weeks to take stock of your year so far. Have you accomplished what you set out to do? If not, relax. Now’s the time to determine what you can do to readjust your direction.

2. Give yourself credit for what you have accomplished! Big or small, we often forget to acknowledge the things that have gone right. What’s worked well this year – ace that course? Close that client? Run that race? Reflecting on what you have accomplished will help build confidence to work your plan for the rest of the year.

3. What’s your one thing? To avoid getting overwhelmed with what’s ahead, determine the one thing you will focus on to build momentum. For me, it’s a graduate course starting August 31st. I haven’t taken one in 2017 (took a break when our baby was born). I have a busy fall ahead with work, and adding a course makes me a little nervous. But the great thing is, now that I’m registered and paid, I’m committed. No excuses!

Enjoy your warm summer nights. They are even better after you give yourself an edge by following these three steps.

Be great,