The Top CEO Challenge of 2021? Developing Next Generation Leaders

According to the Global Leadership Forecast 2021, “fewer than half of leaders feel they are effective in leadership skills that will be most critical for future success. Even worse, they aren’t getting development in the skills they need most urgently.”

Not exactly an encouraging picture, but a great place to start drilling down to determine what tangible gaps exist in organizations globally.

For CEOs, developing the next generation of leaders is their #1 challenge (source: Global Leadership Forecast 2021). Which should surprise none of us really, given this group rarely receives the development resources it should.

The first-time manager is critically important to the business, yet is often the role that gets the least amount of support (sink or swim, anyone?). Given that almost 80% of employees report into a front-line leader, its puzzling to hear story after story of managers who are left to figure out “leadership” all by themselves.

At Daley & Co, our core focus is on developing the next generation of high caliber leaders. It’s the reason I founded the company. We need to support the future of our organizations in a way that works for them.

Starting May 19th, the next cohort of the New Leader Acceleration Program begins. This 7 week, live virtual program gives new leaders the tools they need to build capability and confidence, so they’re ready to lead and deliver results.  Note: This program is not a series of self-led videos and checklists. You’ll spend time in a small cohort of selected leaders, developing your management skills, while also receiving personalized support that gets you the results you want.

If you are a leader responsible for training new managers, or are a new manager yourself, this article is for you. To learn more and see if this program is a fit for you or your organization, get in touch at: