The Secret To Getting Shit Done? There Is No Secret

It seems like everywhere you look these days there’s an article about shortcuts to being more productive. Admittedly, I’ve written a few myself. And I read a lot of what other’s write because, like many of us, I like to learn new ways to get better or make life easier. Some articles are helpful, some not so much. Most everything comes with positive intent – at the core most content is written with the intention of helping others. Admirable and appreciated.

But here’s the thing.

The real secret to getting shit done is this – there is no secret. There is no shortcut to a doing a lot of high quality work. As a wise (and successful) man once told me, “there is no elevator to success. You gotta take the stairs.” What does that mean exactly?

It means that..

  • it will sometimes involve long hours
  • it will sometimes involves grinding, and learning to ‘enjoy the suck’
  • it will sometimes mean saying no to fun things
  • it will sometimes mean time away from family and friends

Tips and tricks, life hacks, etc. are all good if we can find ways to incorporate them into our lives.  I do it often.  And it’s also vitally important that we embrace the truth. If you are going to be highly productive, there will be periods of time that will not be fun. You will need to put in the hours that it takes, far beyond that which makes you comfortable. As Olympic gold medallist Simon Whitfield once told me, “chop wood, carry water.” You have to show up every day and make it happen.

That’s how shit really gets done.

Be great,