014 Empathy in Leadership with guest Mo Dezyanian

  Empathy, you can think of it a little bit like karma points, or trust points. Every time you get to know someone a little bit better, you build a little bit of trust with them, a little bit of camaraderie with them. – Mo Dezyanian   Hi everyone, welcome to the show! Today’s guest […]

013 How To Leverage LinkedIn with guest Bruce Johnston

  A lot of people say, “I don’t want to give away too much.” I say, “Give away everything. Give away tons of stuff.” It works when you do that. Giving away free samples works.  – Bruce Johnston   Hi everyone, welcome to the show! Today’s guest is the first person who connected with me […]

012 Managing Different Generations with guest Carl Blundon

  Whenever I do reviews with any of the guys in my team, that review always ends with me trying to drag feedback out of them for things that I could do differently and blind spots that I may have, or things that I may be doing that for them personally isn’t the most motivating. […]

011 The Power of One on Ones with Ian Daley

  Welcome to The New Leader Podcast. Today we have a short, 12-minute episode on the importance of one-on-one meetings. We talk about five things: What’s a one-on-one meeting? 5 reasons why we do one-on-one meetings When do you do them? How does it work? What’s the format? Potential pitfalls to avoid with these types […]

010 How To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down with guest Neil Pasricha

If you are a new leader, I will tell you, be yourself. Be your best self. Bring your excitement. Bring your enthusiasm. Love your job. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Tell everyone what you’re doing, and everything will sort itself out. – Neil Pasricha   Hi everyone! In today’s episode, we talk about […]

009 Critical Negotiation Skills For New Leaders with guest David Dingwall

Don’t be afraid to give positive feedback. People are desperate to get feedback, even when it’s negative. – David C. Dingwall   Welcome to The New Leader Podcast! Today on the show you will learn the three fundamental ways to better negotiation. My guest is David Dingwall – a legitimate heavy-hitter in this space, and […]