How Do I Know If I'm Ready For Management?

Here’s the thing.

Few of us ever feel fully confident stepping into our first leadership role. We’re excited, nervous, happy, uncertain. Even if we appear to have it all together, most of us at the beginning do not (do we ever really have it all together?).

Here are a couple of tips to help you know if you’re ready to lead people:

  1. Trust that the right decision was made. Your hiring manager saw something in you. And likely had to get that approved by their own manager, so this isn’t a fluke. They wouldn’t have chosen you if they didn’t believe you could deliver.
    Know you’ll make mistakes.
  2. Managing isn’t about perfection. It’s about being accountable, owning up to your mistakes (there will be many), and taking action.
  3. No one is ever really ready. You can read all the leadership books you want, but its something that cannot be taught. It has to be learned through experience. Be coachable, open-minded, seek mentors, and do right by your people. And enjoy the ride!

On the latest episode of the The New Leader podcast, I speak with seasoned VP Catherine Rice about this very topic. She shared some amazing insights and suggestions on how to know when you’re ready for management. Hope you find value in this jam-packed episode! Check it out here.

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