Your Job Is Not To Fulfill Your Employee’s Life Purpose

First-time managers, your job is not to fulfill your employee’s life purpose.

Your role is to:
-build trust and safety
-create an environment that fosters clear communication, teamwork and autonomy
-grow and develop talent
-get results

There is a lot of disillusionment these days about the workplace being a platform for following passions and living out our purpose.

While that’s wonderful if it aligns (it can), purpose is found in MANY places beyond work. In academia, arts, science, sport, music, etc. To place that task solely at the foot of managers and organizations is absurd.

(Via The Economist):
“Staff are behaving differently. According to a survey of 7,000 employees conducted by Edelman, a public-relations firm, workers now apparently think that they matter more than customers to the long-term success of their organisations. As if that were not bad enough, six in ten employees say they choose where they work based on their beliefs. The line between company and crusade has blurred.”

Finding purpose is an important individual journey. And, it’s not the responsibility of organizations and their managers.