New Manager? Here’s How To Conduct Effective 1:1s

For new managers just starting out, here are 4 tips for having impactful 1:1s with your team:

  1. 20/10 split – I like using this method as it keeps things simple. 20min for your employee, 10min for you. 1:1s are about them, so even if they use the full 30min when starting out – that’s ok! It takes time to find the rhythm.
  2. Agenda – while an agenda and structure can help, it has to be made easy for employees. Having staff fill out a template every week didn’t work well in my experience. If folks like it, let them. But don’t mandate it.
  3. Framing – starting the conversation with “what’s the most important thing you need to talk about today?” is a great place to start. Or, inquire whether the 1:1 will be about the 4Ps. People (colleagues, conflict issues etc.), Process (systems, company processes), Projects (current work), or PD (professional/personal development). Then listen intently, and provide guidance/coaching as needed.
  4. Scheduling – never spring this new series of meetings on your team. No one likes a work surprise! I always advise clients to provide a buffer of several weeks between when you announce that you’ll be conducting 1:1s, and when you actually start booking them.

Weekly 1:1s are the bedrock of building trust – get these right and you’ll have much bigger impact.

Carry on!