Moving On To Your Next Role? Finish Like A Pro

Last month I wrote an article that struck a chord with many readers, in particular those who follow me on LinkedIn (at last count it had garnered over 85k likes). It was titled, “Great Employees Don’t Complain – They Walk Away.” You can check it out here.

The majority of people commenting agreed they wouldn’t stay at an organization that didn’t value them. Great employees always have options so we, as managers, need to ensure we engage, retain, and grow our top people.

Today’s post speaks to any employee who is thinking about leaving a manager or organization that doesn’t value you. What should you do?

The answer is FLAP – Finish Like A Pro.

Here’s why:

1. High Note – the new world of work is getting smaller and smaller, meaning that we are more connected now than ever before. This means the impression you leave upon people counts – finishing on a high note ensures that it stays positive. For example, before exiting be sure to land that project on budget; transition your work to a fellow employee; tie up loose ends in a timely fashion, etc.).

2. Relationships – depending upon whether you are staying in the same industry or not, the relationships you have built with colleagues and vendors at your current place of work may be valuable in your next job (or the one after that). You just never know where you may land, and whose help you may need. Ending your job on a good note with others adds to the ever important relationship capital needed for future.

3. Reputation – at the end of the day, each of us only have our reputation; our behaviours define that reputation. Will you be known as the ultimate professional who navigated a tough situation only to move on to better things? Or will your rep be that of someone who was bitter, impulsive, and vindictive?

Play the long game,