What Do Managers Value? The Exact Opposite of Their Employees

Do you know what your employees value?

In a well known study conducted by Glen Tobe & Associates, a group of employees and managers were asked what they value in the workplace (ex. what motivates them about their job).

The top 3 values for managers:

1) Good wages
2) Job security
3) Promotion opportunities

The top 3 values for employees:

1) Appreciation
2) Feeling “in” on things
3) Understanding attitude

Now, here’s the kicker – what is most valued by employees is least valued by managers.  On their list of top 10 most important values, managers ranked appreciation, feeling “in” on things, and understanding attitude as their bottom three.  Think about that for a moment.  What managers deem least important to themselves is most important to the people they lead.

This is crucial for managers to be aware of.  We can often live in our own heads, assuming our team wants and/or values what we do.  Wrong!

Use this article as a reminder that, as a leader, not everyone values what you do.  Seek to understand your people and meet them where they are.  Ask them what they value.  Not all employees want to be president and that’s ok!  Knowing what’s important to your people can help you give them what they need, allowing them to feel valued and ultimately do great work.