Lessons From A Child – The Value Of Persistence

Today’s post is a quick booster to be persistent in what you are currently pursuing – a new job or skill, a better body, or a relationship that needs attention.  Keep at it!

I was recently in my hometown of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland visiting family for 10 days. Over wine one warm evening my Mom brought out some old homework and such from my primary school days. It was an old, tattered folder blocked full of pictures and crafts, anything that little kids may complete in grade school.  It was a blast from the past, and I was amazed at how much stuff she kept over the years. Thanks Mom! The picture in this post is one of those – my repeated attempts to spell my own name!

It made me think of how persistent little kids are.

Being a new dad myself, it dawned on me how difficult it is for a child to learn how to feed themselves. Or how many times a little boy or girl falls down before learning how to walk. They simply do not give up in their pursuit.  Fall down 75 times, get up 76.  And they always overcome.

It serves as a reminder to all of us grown-ups to keep after it! Be persistent. Keep going even when the winds blow you down. You’re worth it.

Enjoy your weekend!