Leading Through Crisis

Recently, I had the enjoyable experience of being a podcast guest and not the host for a change!

It was fun to switch seats and chat with Céline Williams on her excellent show, Leading Through Crisis.

Experiencing a crisis can feel really scary, especially when there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint to get through it. However, there are some really practical things you can do to help you deal with whatever comes up, so you can forge ahead – whether you’re a leader or an employee.

In this episode, Céline and I talk about transparent leadership. Not the corporate bs buzzword, but what that actually means in practice. Including things like:

-appropriate sharing
-relationship capital
-sitting with discomfort
-and resisting the urge to be perfect

This conversation may put you in a better place to guide yourself and/or your team through your next crisis. Hope you find it valuable!