Leadership Battle: The Gut vs The Brain

As a new leader, you will be faced with a myriad of decisions that will run the gamut from low impact (ex. where do we go celebrate for lunch?) to high impact (ex. do we make a large investment in a new opportunity?). What is the right way to approach making important decisions? Is there a right way?

In work environments where data is aplenty, there is a strong likelihood to use that information to drive decisions. Leveraging intuition as part of the equation may be less likely, depending on the leader. In cases where data is not often available (think politicians or entrepreneurs), intuition can be the best decision-driver.

So what is the best way forward for you? The answer is likely both. Making leadership decisions with only data or only intuition leaves an incomplete picture.

Sometimes you cannot solely rely on data to make the call. Experience and gut-instinct can provide the additional key insights needed to navigate a complex situation. And the opposite can be true. Quick decisions based heavily on feel can leave us blind or overconfident to pitfalls lurking right around the corner. Pragmatism counts.

The lesson to take from this article is – be well rounded in your approach. Don’t base your leadership style or key decisions on any one article – read many! Even the ones that don’t naturally resonate with you shouldn’t be cast aside – it should help you become better informed, better equipped, and better prepared for what lies ahead.


Be great today,