How To Stay Positive in Tough Times

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Last week I had a random phone call with someone in a tough spot who needed advice. She sent me an email ( asking for some suggestions on how to stay positive when going through a tough time, and I suggested we speak over the phone. This individual was experiencing a rough patch at work, having just severed ties with her company after many years – a change that was unexpected, and never part of the plan.

In this email I will share the advice I provided to her, as I know that all of us encounter rough patches in life, whether at work or at home.

What can I do to stay positive when times get tough?

1. Reach out to someone that’s not in your circle of influence. I applauded this smart woman’s willingness to reach out and seek another’s viewpoint. That’s huge. It’s really easy to get caught up in our own tornado and not ask for support. You’ll be surprised what you hear when you tap into the world around you.

2. Know your Why. Author Simon Sinek wrote a whole book on this. Your Why is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you. This young lady made her decision and stood by it because she believed at her core it was the right thing to do.  This will lead her to better things.  When shit goes sideways in your life, making choices that align with who you are helps provide clarity. And better sleep!

3. Stop eating garbage!  When I asked this person what she reads and watches on a daily basis, she told me it was usually very dark, negative material. Sometimes non-fiction (books on war and human atrocities) and watching Netflix docs that, while eye opening and important, are as equally disturbing. My one question to her was – “how is this serving you and your family?”
My advice was not to block that out forever – just block it out for now (personally I would do away with it altogether, but hey, we’re all different and that’s ok).  If a situation at home or at work is causing stress, you don’t need to add more negative layers yourself. Stop watching negative mass media, put down the book on genocide, or cut out the violence-filled Netflix docs. That shit does not help you! It surrounds us everyday, so you need to balance that out in other ways. Read something educational, positive or enlightening (sign up for this newsletter)!  There are so many great books that can help you – Google is your friend here!  Play an instrument, learn a new skill. Or just go for a walk instead of watching TV.


I hope this post can help you or anyone you know who’s experiencing a hard time right now. I’m an email away if you want to connect further.

Have an awesome week!