How To Build Resiliency In Your Team

Last week I was in Philadelphia attending a two-day leadership development program, and a particular workshop on resiliency/stress management caught my eye that I thought was worth sharing. Whether you lead a team or not, having simple tools to thrive in a dynamic environment can help us best manage ourselves and increases the likelihood of better performance.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Amit Sood, a Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota, who also serves as Chair of the Mayo Mind Body Initiative. He provided us with several techniques to help us manage stress and build our resiliency in a fast-paced work environment.

Tip #1: Gratitude. Our brains struggle with focus, fear and fatigue. Dr. Sood highlighted the negative effects of starting your day with a smartphone (as you may expect, checking email as soon as you wake is not great for the brain as you are under stress immediately). Give your mind a head start by doing the following each day instead:

·     Close your eyes, envision yourself waking up

·     Give silent gratitude to the 1st person that comes to your mind

·     Give silent gratitude to the 2nd person that comes to your mind

·     Give silent gratitude to the 3rd person that comes to your mind

·     Give silent gratitude to someone who has passed

·     Picture meeting your 8yr old self. Give them silent gratitude

·     Open your eyes and start your day

Tip#2: Mindful presence. Give at least 2 min of undivided attention to someone in your life that deserves it. Do not try to improve that person in that time! This enables you to focus on what is truly important.

Tip #3: Kindness. Assume most people you meet are well intended and are in some sort of struggle (aren’t we all?). Send them a silent kind thought prior to engaging with them (ex. before a meeting).

Be great today,