How Often Do You Seek The Truth (About Yourself)?

I’m currently taking a graduate leadership course and this week we’ve been instructed to seek feedback about ourselves from several corners of our lives (family, friends, colleagues, etc).

It’s been such a revealing process that I wanted to share it with you; I highly recommend taking the time to do this. Here’s the deal: each person I approached was asked to write down three short stories (one paragraph each) to answer the question, “can you describe a time when you’ve seen me at my absolute best?”  I asked 10 people in total.

The purpose is to determine my natural strengths, based upon the theory of strength-based leadership – which states that leveraging what you are naturally good at will yield exponentially better results vs. making weaknesses marginally better.

Why ask others for this feedback?  Because without knowing your strengths, how can you leverage them? You can assume
(and you may be right to a certain degree), but until you ask for the truth you will be running blind. And that’s a dangerous place to be.  Having done it now, I wish I had taken action on it before.  Perhaps I thought it was weird to ask people. And I was completely wrong as the short stories people shared were so insightful.

It’s a learning opportunity that costs nothing and is available to everyone.  Give it a try!

And I’m always here if you want to connect.

Be great,