How Getting Outside Of Your Own Head Can Get You Ahead

Today’s article is a 60 second reminder to get outside of your own head!

When we are faced with a new idea that we may want to pursue (ex. career, relationship, health, etc), we tend to spend a lot of time in our own heads thinking and analyzing about our next steps. Which is normal.

One essential step (that can be easily missed) is connecting with others outside of our inner circle. Using a career decision as an example, reaching out to people outside your industry to seek advice or challenge your thinking is a great place to start. Simple conversations over coffee or drinks can help validate your idea, or give you fresh perspective that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. It’s easy to get caught up in our own narratives – rounding out the picture with new angles will help you make a better informed choice, whatever that may be.

That’s it for today! ¬†Enjoy the summer sun wherever it finds you.

Be great,

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