Forget Artificial Intelligence, Use Your Brain


There is a lot of noise in the market right now about artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s upcoming impact on the workforce. It’s no joke – there will be impact and improvement in many areas. Front line retail (McDonalds anyone?) and the financial advisor space are just a couple of examples. In today’s post, I’ll flip the view back onto the human intelligence side, highlighting a highly effective method for using our own brains to achieve our goals.

While most of us walk around daily with a crippling addiction to technology, we don’t realize the vast and powerful computer that resides within our own skull. We lean on apps and games and a wide array of tools to guide us through the day. All fine and good – to a point.

When was the last time that you sat quietly, alone, and leveraged your mind to get what you want in life? If that sounds unfamiliar, I challenge you to try the following technique for the next 21 days.

It’s what famed plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz referred to as Theatre of the Mind. It is a simple and powerful technique that you can use to drive personal results and create your future. I will explain what it is, and then outline a process for you to begin using it. Theatre of the Mind (or what I call TOM for short), is an exercise in which you envision watching your life on a screen, much like you would see when going to the movies. What this does is plant your future vision into your mind so that your automatic success mechanism (servo-mechanism) can begin working behind the scenes to move you toward your goal. If that sounds far fetched, stay with me. I’ve used this technique for over a decade and it works. There are countless others who have leveraged a form of visualization to create a better future (Jack Nicklaus, Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Oprah Winfrey come to mind).

Here is the technique:

1. Find a quiet space for 10-15min (I aim for early mornings but really any time will do, so long as it’s quiet and not distracting)

2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind. If you find this weird, that means its working. It’s hard to calm our minds in today’s society! Trust the process.

3. Next, start thinking about all the great things you’ve accomplished in the PAST. You are sitting in a theatre and watching yourself on the big screen. Think back to the moments that you were most excited and happy. For example, when you met that special someone, opened your business, had a baby, started a new job, got in better shape, etc.

4. Once you’ve primed yourself with accomplishments from the past, now do the same for your FUTURE. What are you doing in 3-5 years? What does that look like? Where are you? Who are you with? How does that feel?

5. Once you’ve “watched” your movie, open your mind up to accepting everything the world has to offer you. I say something to the effect of, “I am open to all the abundance the world has to offer.” I found this odd at first but I’ve read about this step enough times now that I believe there is something there that helps you believe.

6. This step is optional. If I have a few extra minutes I finish the process by listening to a song that motivates me. Similar to a sprinter before a race, I use it to channel the energy I now have. Cranking ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ takes me to a whole new level when starting my day!

This technique costs nothing and the return on investment can be so massive you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t use it. That’s your advantage. While everyone else is led around by their devices all day every day, be different. Use your brain.

Try this for 21 days and share your experience with me,