Five Lifestyle Hacks To Save You Time Right Now

As we head into another weekend, here are a five lifestyle hacks to help simplify life and maximize the one thing we can never get back – time. Life is too short to be wasting on mundane, low return tasks. No rocket science here – sometimes a little reminder is all we need to take action.

1. Grocery Delivery – tired of spending 60-90min of your weekend at the supermarket? For a very small fee, many major retailers will now deliver groceries right to your door. Wal-Mart for example allows customers to order right from their website, and they have a surprisingly wide array of products. No more pushing carts in a busy parking lot.

2. Apps – there are plenty of apps to choose from so all your notes and lists can stay in one place. Check out Google Keep as a starting point. Another, more food specific one, is OurGroceries. It’s a great app for keeping track of what’s needed week to week, and they have most items pre-populated in their database. Your partner or roommates can each download it so you’re working from the same list, adding and removing items as needed. No more fridge lists, texts, or crumpled pieces of paper!

3. Cleaning Service – this is some of the best money you can spend. For less than the price of a nice meal out, you can have your house/condo/apartment cleaned. Not only does this free up more of your weekends for fun and quality time, it also feels great coming home to a clean house! All you have to do is maintain it between visits. I struggled with this one as first, as I kept thinking it was ridiculous paying someone else to clean what I am capable of doing. Call it foolish pride. Turns out this is such an amazing time saver, I’d never be without it now. I work a lot. Last thing I want to do on my time off is scrub toilets and wash floors. Screw that!

4. Meal Delivery – most major cities have a service that will deliver pre-cooked/frozen dinners right to your door. During a particularly stressful or busy time (new baby, death in the family, workload, etc), this takes away the cooking burden all together. And you may be surprised at the low, per-meal cost for this type of service.

5. Planning Time – take 15min on Saturday or Sunday morning to plan out your meals for the week. This saves the headache of coming home from work every night trying to think about what to eat (and will likely save you some coin by not defaulting to take out!).


I hope this list helps you reclaim some of those valuable hours you deserve on your time off!