New Manager? Here’s How To Conduct Effective 1:1s

For new managers just starting out, here are 4 tips for having impactful 1:1s with your team: Weekly 1:1s are the bedrock of building trust – get these right and you’ll have much bigger impact. Carry on!

How To Go From Manager To Director in 14 Months

On Sept 29th, I’m bringing together a small group of first-time managers to help them elevate their careers. Over 45-60 days, I’ll show you the exact process I used to go from first-time manager to director in 14 months, without having to put in more hours at work, sacrifice family time, or take on more […]

Amplifying The Voice Of Junior Staffers

As leaders, one of the most powerful effects you can have is amplifying the voice of junior staffers. I once landed at a new company fresh off a bad experience. Almost like an injured athlete joining a new team. My new boss was so uplifting and encouraging, giving me opportunities to shine right away. It […]

New Managers – Want To Gain Traction Quickly?

New managers, here’s a tip to help you gain traction quickly in your new role. In those first few months, focus on this: 1. Observe, listen and understand your team, projects, and processes 2. Avoid knee-jerk reactions 3. Determine what is noise and what is signal. In other words, what are the low-payoff activities that […]