Can’t Stand Complainers? Here’s Why You’re Right

The world is full of complainers. Don’t be one of them – here’s why.

The interesting part about complaining is that when someone starts their sob story at a party or a meeting, you can almost always guarantee that someone else in that setting has it far worse (and that person never complains..funny that).

I was once at a sales meeting and a chronic complainer was – you guessed it – complaining, to a group of us about her husband (their marital problems, how things were going off track, etc). In that same group, there was a woman who had just lost her husband that summer in a tragic accident. She said nothing, and actually kept a smile throughout the conversation. It was humbling to watch. One person with such perspective and appreciation for life. The other, mired in her own negativity, trying desperately to find anyone to join her pity party.

This video from Robert Herjavec summarizes it well. Life owes you nothing, so cut the BS. Nobody wants to hear it anyway. And if you still think you have it tough, think again.

Be grateful – when you act from a place of gratitude, the world around you changes. Not to mention that by doing so you can actually reduce the stress hormone cortisol by 23%! We all have something to be grateful for, big or small.

What are you grateful for today?  Drop me a line and let me know!