Becoming a Manager Always Feels Like You’re Doing It Wrong

Being promoted to manager is an exciting time and a significant marker in one’s career.

A key thing to remember as a first time leader is that you have to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Whether you are challenged by dealing with people stuff or you get stressed by budgets and forecasts, it never truly goes away.

When you feel uncomfortable, it actually means you’re in the right place. You are growing, pushing through to the next skill level. And that’s a great sign. Moments like these are not supposed to be easy, so stop beating yourself up.

Your mind can often tell you a narrative that simply isn’t true. You are not ‘out of your league’​ or ‘​in over your head.’​ It’s worth remembering that you once learned how to walk, hold a spoon, and write your name without overthinking it.

Tap into that childlike mind and embrace the fact that being a little uncomfortable is part of the process. Channel your energy into taking one intentional step forward each day. Just keep going!