How 2020 Called BS On Work Norms

Over the course of 2020, what unnecessary “work fat” have you seen melt away for good? It’s been happening in many organizations and become a welcome shift for those who crave the value of real work. In a recent article from Boston Consulting Group, research has shown that over the last 50 years business complexity has […]

How to Grow Team Resilience as Winter Approaches

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend! I am rapidly approaching my maximum dose of mini Aeros and Kit-Kats, though each night I tend to amaze (disgust?) myself at how many I can eat. I digress.. Over the weekend I was sifting through findings from the largest global study of resilience and engagement (conducted by ADP […]

046 Lead, Care, Win: How To Become a Leader Who Matters with Dan Pontefract

“Stop thinking that you have to be all powerful and mighty because you have the word “leader” in your title. Be relatable, champion their cause…just be a human. Be a human being – that is the best way in which to lead.” – Dan Pontefract Recently I sat down with Dan Pontefract to learn more […]

045 Pandemic Post-Mortem – How To Lead Effectively In Times of Crisis with Doug Hart

“Looking back at it now, there’s a time and place to be aggressive, but it often makes sense to slow down a little bit.” – Doug Hart Today my guest is Douglas Hart, Vice President International at Terminix and President, ServiceMaster Canada. I enjoyed Doug’s straight-shooting approach and practical nature. No leadership platitudes here, just […]