Addicted To Your Phone? Here’s An Easy Way To Cut Back

I have a question for you – how much time do you spend each day using your phone (email, text, social media, photos, etc)? Curious to know?  Want to learn how to decrease that time and use it more effectively?

My new favourite app (and I’m not an app guy by any means..) is Moment. It’s a pretty straightforward app – it measures how much time you spend on your phone every day, and helps wean you off your device addiction.

There is a premium account available, but you can download the base version for free. It’s alarming to see how many hours are consumed on your phone in a 24 hour period.

I tested the free version last week and here are my results. I should note that I thought I didn’t really use my phone a lot, assuming I was well below average. I was wrong!  Turns out our brains are terrible at estimating addictive pursuits.

June 4-10 Summary:

Screen Time Average: 3h6m per day
Weekday Average: 3h25m
Weekend Average: 2h17m
Waking Life: 13% (3.3h of my waking day spent on a phone – this one stings..)
Pickups: 38
Longest Screen Free: 24h26m (staining a patio has it’s benefits!)
Longest Single Use: 32m

Moment also has free courses that help you decrease your addiction by way of little tasks/reminders.

My challenge to you is this:  find your numbers.  It doesn’t get much easier than this app, and once you know your data it’s hard to argue with it. The bigger question is – what will you do with the free time you gain back?  Reply and let me know!


Be great,


Disclaimer: I have no paid affiliation with the Moment app. Sharing as I think there are others like me who may need to cut back on screen time.