093 Restoring Meaning, Purpose, and Fun To Your Life & Work with Dr. Sunil Raheja

Think carefully about where you want to go. Make plans, but hold them lightly.  – Dr. Sunil Raheja

Do you repeatedly get in the way of your own progress? Find it easier to blame others than to change yourself? If so, today’s podcast episode is for you.

We’ll hear from Dr. Sunil Raheja, a psychiatrist and executive coach, and dig into his book, “Dancing With Wisdom: A Sacred Quest to Restore Meaning, Purpose and Fun to Your Life and Work.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the first step in moving forward is realizing that you need to make a change
  • How Mindset, Motivation, and Methods all play a role in your progress
  • The importance of re-connecting with your values
  • Why shutting down the noise is critically important..and much, much more!

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The beginning of wisdom

Wisdom begins with the realization that there are things you have no control over and things that are not in your grasp. But you have agency, more than what you give yourself credit for. You may not be able to change the weather, but you can always choose how you’re going to look at life. You can change your attitude and choose to look at the good rather than the bad.

Mindset is everything

I used to think that mindset was important. Now what I say is, “Mindset is everything.” The reason being is if your mindset is not right, no matter what you’re doing, you’re not going to be satisfied.

One piece of advice you’d give young managers today

Think carefully about where you want to go. Make plans for your future but hold them lightly, and look at everything as a learning experience. There’s no such thing as failure. Pace your life for the long haul.

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