092 Brain Bump with Mark Herschberg

“Where you read information isn’t where you need information.”  – Mark Herschberg

Do you ever find yourself consuming great content, but then struggling to find it later when you actually need it? If so, today’s episode is for you!

MIT instructor Mark Herschberg makes a return visit to the show to discuss his innovative new platform, Brain Bump.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How powerful peer learning can be for your development
  • Why the content we all consume is rarely accessible in critical moments
  • How Brain Bump only sends the tips you want, when you request them; it never sends an unrequested notification
  • Bonus: you don’t even have to open the app!

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The challenge with traditional learning

When we think about most of our knowledge, it has just been direct information transfer, such as when you learn the quadratic formula. It is very black and white and you know exactly where to use it. But the skills that we use as leaders, from leading people to communication, negotiation, team building – these are not cut and dry. There’s no formula for leadership.

Peer learning’s edge over other learning styles

Peer learning is not about memorizing formulas. It’s about learning subtle skills that are often circumstantial. So by coming together as a group and having discussions, like I’m going to gain your perspective and you’re going to get mine…that’s how we learn.

Ineffective learning

The problem is two-fold. First, where you read information isn’t where you need information. And the second is that you read a book or listen to a podcast episode, and then you forget it. I wanted to address it.

Links and Resources

Connect with Mark: Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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