091 Taking Care of Business with The Enneagram with Karl Hebenstreit PhD

“Create the vision, and step back.”  – Karl Hebenstreit PhD

Are you intrigued by the Enneagram? A believer or a skeptic?

Today is the first episode of The New Leader Podcast for 2023, and my special guest is Karl Hebenstreit PhD. I was skeptical when approached about this topic, but glad I kept an open mind as we had a really interesting chat.

Karl is an executive coach, speaker, and organizational development consultant, and author of the book, “Taking Care of Business with The Enneagram.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 9 primary core motivators not covered in other personality tests
  • How understanding this framework can help you create a better path forward in 2023, both personally & professionally
  • The difference between the Golden Rule vs. Platinum Rule, and how to leverage this when leading for the first time

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The ‘Platinum Rule’

Most people are familiar with the golden rule ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’. And I was going along with that philosophy until I presented at a conference… and learned that it’s about invoking the ‘Platinum Rule’ of finding out how people wanted to be treated. That is going to be different than the way you’d want to be treated.

What sets apart the Enneagram

Any tool like the Myers-Briggs, DISC, Insights, or Hogan – these tools focus on the behaviors. They don’t focus on the purpose or the motivation or the reason behind these behaviors. And that’s where the Enneagram comes in.

It boils it down to the nine primary core motivators that we have in our lives. And each of us is going to be affiliating with one of them more than the other eight.

Breaking out of the box

Human beings are very fond of categorizing people. So how do you break out of the box that you’re put in? And so knowing which box you are put in is actually a release because now you know, “Oh great, I know what box I put myself in and what other people are probably putting me in. Now, how can I break out of that box?”

So [knowing your Enneagram] is really a way of breaking out of your box by identifying what box you’re already in.”

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