086 Unlock Your Executive Presence with Joe Kwon

“Get up and meet people!” – Joe Kwon

The latest episode of The New Leader Podcast is here!

My guest today is Joe Kwon, who’s also known as “The Connection Counselor.”

He is a privacy attorney, coach, podcast host, and currently Associate Director, Global Quality & Risk Management at KPMG (US). And, he is a genuinely good human being!

Joe is also an author, and today we dig into his excellent book, “Unlock Your Executive Presence.” In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of ‘blending’ – what that is, and how to use it
  • The six degrees of executive presence and how to leverage them to your advantage
  • How to develop the ability to inspire confidence to lead…and much more!

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How you grow as a leader

Whether it’s your manager, people from other departments, CEO, etc., if they know you, do they put their confidence in you? If they don’t know you, how are you being represented?

What is that thing that can make people confident in you? Once you discover that, blend it with what you already have – your skills, personality, et cetera. Because it’s not about just giving them what they want, it’s about bringing out the best version of yourself.


Executive Presence in a nutshell

Executive presence is the ability to inspire confidence that you can lead well in a given situation. Because of your presence and the way you are, people will want to put you in charge.

Key to Executive Presence

The key is to look at the presence, not the trappings of an executive – but what is the presence of an executive? When you’re in a room and there are five people, and one person clearly seems like the executive, why is that?

And I’ll tell you, it’s not the way they dress, it’s not the way they communicate and it’s not their gravitas. It’s their state of being in the situation.


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