084 Leadership Lessons & Klick Culture with Greg Rice Ep. 79 Reissue

“If you solve the problem on the whiteboard, you’re only 10% of the way there.” – Greg Rice

Sometimes I’m lucky to listen to a leader who walks the talk.

Someone who exemplifies leadership in all they do, and genuinely cares about treating people right. The type of leader you’d want to work with, and work for.

That person is today’s guest, Co-President of Klick Health, Greg Rice. He shares valuable insights from his career journey, from his early days as a new pharmacist to being part of the leadership team at the world’s largest independent health marketing agency. And we also chat about the famous Klick culture!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How leaders can create clarity and calm amidst the chaos
  • Why aligning your values to your work is critical to long-term success
  • The importance of amplifying the voice of junior staffers
  • What makes Klick’s culture so special vs. other companies..and much more!

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Hiring the best talents

When we go and pitch a large piece of business, sure the spec work that we showed them on that day is important, but we all know that spec work will never see the light of day. What they are buying into is the capability. And at that moment, we are also trying to build instant trust with them, and that comes down to the talent in the room.

So if it’s about talent, then from a leadership standpoint, we better try to find the best in the business and that’s what we really strive to do.


Delivering clarity as a leader

A leader’s job is to create calmness and clarity. And that level of clarity takes time and effort. And if you get stingy on that, it can bite you. It can result to this unsettled, exhausting atmosphere that lack of clarity creates within an organization.

So make sure you pause and communicate. And for any change that happens, get a feedback and continue to refine that overtime and you’ll be highly rewarded for that high amount of clarity that you delivered as a leader.

Training your replacement

Find and coach your replacement. What that means is scaling your capability to a point where you can have someone step in and you can focus your energies elsewhere, maybe into some new initiatives, new areas of interest or opportunities for you.

That inherently means you coaching and guiding someone else into your role. That kind of scale mindset may not be applicable to all leaders in different roles, but certainly it has been for me in scaling and growing a successful business.


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