081 Employee Appreciation & Remote Teams with Chris Littlefield, Ep. 78 Reissue

“Your job is to learn and understand, not know everything.” – Christopher Littlefield

Today my guest is Christopher Littlefield, international speaker, author, and founder of Beyond Thank You. Chris’ company is a training and consulting firm specializing in employee appreciation, recognition, and workplace culture. He is a writing contributor to both HBR and Forbes, as well as being a genuinely good human! Today he sits down with us to discuss how you, as a leader, can level up your employee appreciation game.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why employee appreciation matters (now more than ever)
  • How to recognize teams and individuals in a remote/hybrid world
  • Practical tips and tricks that you can start using right now, today
  • And much more!

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How to create a ‘safe space’ at work

People talk about psychological safety, but how do we create that? We create that by sending signals to people every single day that we value who they are and what they contribute, and what it takes to do their job each day.


Employee appreciation is also conflict prevention

When people feel valued at work, they will be able to relate to your feedback as a contribution and not as an attack. If you show your appreciation often, they’ll be able to take in your suggestions and not feel defensive about it.

What makes a good manager

It’s so easy as new managers to feel like you have to prove you’re worthy of your position. But what proves to people that you’re worthy is if they can feel that you understand them and that you’re willing to help them succeed.

And when you serve them to support their success, then they’re going to make you shine as well.


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