077 The Future of Work with Eric Termuende

“If we can build teams that trust each other, there’s truly nothing we can’t accomplish in a world that’s wildly unpredictable.” – Eric Termuende

What does the future of work have in store for us?

It’s a question pondered by many. Lots of opinions, far less data.

Today my guest is Eric Termuende, whose company has quantified much of that chatter into tangible insights. As a well-known corporate keynote speaker (400+ speeches), he’s observed the changes companies are experiencing, and can share what leading organizations are doing to chart a path forward.

Want to learn what you can do to help grow your team and deliver results, in an unpredictable world? This episode is for you!

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The Best Quality of an Early Leader

The best quality that an early leader can have is the ability to think critically, but more importantly, listen – listen, digest, and then act. And I don’t just mean from clients, but from your people as well.


What the Future of Work Is

The future of work is less about space, place, perks, and benefits, and it’s more about how we feel when we’re doing the work that we do.
We often have this picture of ping pong tables, 4-day work weeks, and more flexible schedules when we talk about “the future of work”, and that’s partially true. But unless we work at a place where we feel like we can do our best work with people that we want to do great work with, we’re never going to stick around.

It’s About Connection And Purpose

The future of work is about deep connection. It’s about having a sense of impact, purpose, and making a difference, and it’s about doing incredible things with people that we trust.


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