074 Visual Leadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking with Todd Cherches

“‘VisuaLeadership’ is where visuals and leadership meet. It is the art and science of applying visual thinking and visual communication tools, tips, and techniques to manage and lead yourself and others.” – Todd Cherches

As a leader, have you ever struggled to communicate your vision? Are you puzzled when others don’t quite understand what you are trying to convey? Then this episode is for you!

Today my guest is Todd Cherches, author of VisuaLeadership, and he’ll help you leverage the power of visual thinking, not only in your leadership role but also in life.

Todd is the CEO and co-founder of BigBlueGumball LLC, an NYC-based management and leadership consulting, training, and executive coaching firm. He is also a two-time award-winning Adjunct Professor at the NYU School of Professional Studies, in their Division of Programs in Business, where he teaches the top-rated graduate course, “Leadership & Team Building” for their Human Capital Management master’s degree program.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Change the way you think and communicate as a leader using your “mind’s eye”
  • Easily leverage the power of visual imagery, mental models, analogy, storytelling, and humour to supercharge your communications skills
  • Become a more innovative thinker, better presenter, and effective coach

And a lot more!

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Identify the Resources and Roadblocks

I came up with the RnR method, which means Resources and Roadblocks. What are the resources you need to do your job and what are the roadblocks that stand in your way? It really helps to know this.

First of all, people appreciated being asked and that I cared enough to stop telling and to start listening. Second, if someone lacked resources to accomplish something, we’re able to brainstorm and find a solution for it.



Everyone has a viewpoint based on your background, upbringing, culture, and life experiences, and you see certain things in a certain way because that’s who you are and that’s what you know.

But there are other perspectives that we may not be aware of what’s outside our own experiences and background. And so VisuaLeadership allows us to start opening our eyes to other ways of looking at things.

Applying the concept of VisuaLeadership in the workplace

People are not mind-readers. So often, we say something and it’s so clear in our mind what we want and what we need, but we’re not able to communicate that effectively to others.

So we need to have a picture in our mind and think about how we can bring it to life so that people can see what we’re saying and deliver what we want and what we need.


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