073 From Startup To Grown Up with Alisa Cohn

“When you are a leader or a manager, you are on stage.” – Alisa Cohn

Are you leading in a startup environment? Then this episode of The New Leader Podcast is for you!

Today our special guest is Alisa Cohn, and we’re chatting about her latest book, “From Start Up To Grown Up: Grow Your Leadership To Grow Your Business”

Alisa’s clients include Venmo, Squarespace, Etsy, Novartis and more. She was named the #1 start up coach in the world at the 2019 Thinkers50 MG100 Coaches Award. Alisa regularly writes for Inc., Forbes, HBR, and has been featured in BBC, Bloomberg, NYTs and many other outlets. She has great energy and sharp insights!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to manage yourself using practical ways to control your self-doubt, and build upon your motivators
  • How to manage your team by leveraging the power of delegation and positive feedback, to build the right culture
  • How to manage the business by creating a vision for success, clear goals, and a dashboard for accountability. And much more!


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Self-Awareness Matters

The first person you lead every day is yourself, so you have to first deal with your person and be aware of your own strengths and weakness when are you at your best or worst, et cetera. Having that awareness will help you develop what you need to develop to be a better leader.


Leading with authenticity

When I think about authenticity, I think people want it because they want to feel that connection with another person. The chinks in the armor, the vulnerability, is what helps people connect with you, relate with you, and therefore makes it easier for them to get behind your mission even when the chips are down.

Going back to basics

Everybody experiences some level of self-doubt, impostor syndrome, those kinds of things. So you need to think about the way you manage your own psychology. It’s true for all leaders and that’s also true for startup founders, because there’s a lot of ups and downs in a startup, so you got to think about how do I manage myself for the long-term?

That comes down to some of the basics: eating, sleeping, not drinking too much alcohol, fitness and stress relief, as well as giving yourself tools to combat impostor syndrome and negative self-talk.

Links and Resources

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