067 Top 10 Lessons From a Healthcare Leader with Bonnie Cochrane

“When opportunity knocks, pay attention.” – Bonnie Cochrane

My special guest is Bonnie Cochrane, Managing Director & GM, Huron Consulting Group Canada. In her current role, Bonnie focuses on supporting North American healthcare organizations in creating and sustaining health system outcomes.

She started her career as a critical care nurse, before moving into progressive leadership roles with Merck, CNIB, and the NL Centre for Health Information. Bonnie holds a MSc in Community Medicine & Population Health from Memorial University, and hails from my hometown of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to find “fuel for the positive”, so your passion and enthusiasm stay alive
  • Why understanding your own values as a leader helps you become more purposeful
  • When facing difficult conversations, why it pays to employ a mindset of “we are here to get this right, not to be right”
  • The power of walking every day, and more!

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Love What You Do

We spend all our lives at work so I always held true to the 80/20 rule – if I can love my work 80% of the time and realize that 20% of the time, I just have to suck it up and do it, then I can be a very happy camper. And I am purposeful about recognizing that.

Aiming For Organizational Success

As leaders, we want to be high performers and do well with our teams, but at the end of the day, it is our task to help our organization reach its highest potential. If you come into that job with the mindset of moving towards organizational goals, I can almost guarantee you that you can find yourself moving forward as well. You’ll have far greater growth and more opportunities if you look at leadership with organizational success as your goal


Dealing With Complex and Emotional Conversations

When I’m in a situation where I’ll be facing complex, highly emotional, and high-risk conversations, I plan endlessly. I script, I re-script, I roleplay in my mind, I recite my script out loud so that I can hear myself saying these very important keywords. I think through all the what if’s and in doing so, I avoid getting off into unnecessary land mines of sensitive issues, et cetera.

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