065 Stay Curious! The Value of Continuous Learning with Tristan Cammaert, Ep. 24 Reissue

My growth and my development is at its highest point when I’m being pushed beyond where I think I could go. – Tristan Cammaert

Hi everyone! Welcome to today’s show. Today we talk about the value of continuous learning and staying curious in your life and career with Tristan Cammaert. Tristan is a seasoned leader who has held various executive-level roles at RBC, currently at Earnst and Young.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The importance of team diversity, building trust, and being aligned to one strategic vision
  • Getting out of our comfort zone
  • Supporting the next generation of leaders
  • Finding your why
  • Servant leadership
  • Having a vision, and a lot more.

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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I do have the voice in my head that’s telling me “Stay where you are” on occasion, but I also will pause and take a step back and say, “Where do I know that I’d truly been at my best? Where have I been the happiest and most fulfilled in terms of my work?”

It has always been when I am pushed and when I’m outside of my comfort zone.

Find Your WHY

Most companies and individuals are able to talk about the ‘what’ and sometimes they get to the ‘how’, but they’re very rarely actually able to articulate the ‘why’ – why are we doing what we’re doing.

Servant Leadership

As a leader, you’re not supposed to be bossing people around. You’re supposed to be in service of the team that you have. Your job is to actually really help bring your team together, but you are in service to them, as opposed to being directive.

Tristan’s Advice to New Leaders

Make sure you hire and grow and manage from a diversity perspective – diversity of thought, not just in terms of gender, race or age.

100% – don’t stop learning. Make sure that you remain curious. There’s a whole bunch of ways you can do that – consuming videos, podcasts, books, etc.

Don’t try and boil the ocean – stick with one or two things that worked for you.

Links and Resources

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