061 Leading In a Rapid Growth Environment with Jacqueline Rideout

“Debate with data and facts, not just opinions and passion.” – Jacqueline Rideout

Today my special guest is Jacqueline Rideout, Team Lead for Learning & Development at Verafin, the industry leader in financial crime management solutions.

Based in St. John’s, NL, Verafin’s rapid growth has become a Canadian tech success story. In November 2020, Verafin was acquired by NASDAQ in a deal worth $2.75B US. We’ll chat with Jac about her fast-paced leadership journey over the last eight years, and how you can leverage the lessons she’s learned working in a world class company.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How you can love what you do by finding “red threads” at work (no, really!)
  • Why mapping strengths can open new career doors for you
  • Why culture is critical to organizational success (hint: words on a wall don’t cut it)
  • What has surprised Jac the most, and much more!

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How to Fight Burnout

Marcus Buckingham talks about the ‘red threads’; it’s about finding those activities that bring you joy and energy, and then incorporating more of that into your day. Because that gives you a little bit more control even if you’re in the most regimented type of job.

Mapping Your Strengths

A strength isn’t necessarily something that you’re good at, or a weakness something that you’re bad at. For me, your strengths are those tasks or skills that give you energy while weaknesses are the things that drain you. And it’s not the same for everyone.

What It Takes To Be A Good Leader

Before, I actually thought that being a ‘good’ leader means that you must know everything and that you have answers for everything. But that kind of mindset just made me a bad coach.

Later on, I realized that being a good leader is not about just always having the right answers at hand; it’s more about listening to the other person and asking the right questions so that you can truly understand the problem that you’re trying to solve.


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