055 Intuitive Leadership with Brian Bachand

“Always be friendly, but, you are not always their friend.” – Brian Bachand

Is the term intuitive leadership leaving you intrigued? Puzzled? Annoyed?  You’re in the right place! Today we dig into a topic not often covered on the show, with someone who walks the walk.

My guest is Brian Bachand, founder of Evolution Evolution, a global coaching company. Brian has an interesting story, having started his career as a priest, before moving into senior roles in executive recruitment, and corporate development with organizations like NYU Langone Health, American Cancer Society, and University of Toronto. He is a Boston-native who now calls Toronto home, but still has love for the Red Sox.

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • What intuitive leadership is, and why it should play a role in your  life
  • Concrete examples of how it’s used with new CEOs and senior leaders
  • Lessons from Brian’s time working in a religious institution
  • How he over delivered on fundraising during the height of the 2008 crash
  • And much more!

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How Our Intuition Helps In Decision-Making

Every single human being has intuition. Every single business leader is using their intuition whether they know it or not. And our intuition is always gathering information; it’s whether or not we’re being open to it and how to assess and look at that information.

Our intuition is always guiding us and helping us to make decisions, and it can be very helpful especially if you’re someone who’s looking to grow a pipeline, and with relationships.



Growing Your Confidence in Your Own Intuition

When you have one of those moments of just being intuitively nudged, pay attention if what you acted on comes to reality or what it leads to. The more you pay attention to your intuition and see the results of trusting that intuition, the more you will be confident in following it when it happens.

“The Greatest Failure” As A Leader

One of the biggest issues that I have seen from leaders that are younger, that are aspiring to grow is that they often compromise who they are because of what they think they need to be like to get ahead. And that is the greatest failure you can have as a leader.

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