030 Be More Effective In Business With Comedy with Chris Tabish


Be yourself, because everyone else is taken. – Chris Tabish

Hey everyone! Welcome to the very first episode of 2020. Today’s guest is Chris Tabish and we talk abut how comedy can help you become more effective in business.

Chris is the co-founder of Venture West Consulting and is the author of Comediology. He is a passionate, transformational growth leader with over 20 years of experience successfully leading and delivering all aspects of complex implementations at the Fortune 500 Level including strategy, program management, technology, change leadership and process improvement.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Key takeaways from his book, Comediology,
  • Finding your voice,
  • How finding your why can make you more effective in business,
  • Practical tips on how to speak in front of an audience,
  • Having a Creative 401k
  • Staying in the present, and more.

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Your Voice is Important

I was so caught into being a “stormtrooper”, just following the pack, that I didn’t realize that I needed my own voice to succeed in business.

But being in comedy, you have to have an opinion. That’s what you do. Whatever it is, you have to have an opinion. That’s the starting point for comedy.

So getting in touch and finding your voice is absolutely critical. You can’t get up there and say, “Well, what Jerry, the guy before me, said…”. You have to bring it yourself.

Find that in comedy and then translate that into business.

Bringing that voice is paramount. You see the people that are successful in business, that’s what they have. They have something of themselves that they’re putting out there.

Overcoming stage fright

It’s weird – being on podcasts or being written up in certain publications. It is a weird, bizarre experience. It feels very vain and unnatural. Even at work, when I’m giving a message or giving a meeting – until I think about the value that it’s providing to other people, then all of a sudden, it’s not about me.

I want to help people have joy and laughter and fulfillment in what they’re doing. It’s the same thing on stage: I want people to laugh; I want people to enjoy themselves. Same thing at work: I want this business to improve.

It’s not about me. Once I can get past that, then it’s magic. Then it’s like, “What can I do to help?”

Stay in the present

When you’re on-stage, likewise in business, you can’t really be thinking about the last joke that didn’t go so well. Or maybe it did go well, but you can’t be thinking about that. You can’t be thinking about your next joke; you have to be right there with the audience.

The same thing in business, when we get caught up, we’re thinking about other things, but you can’t correct anything outside of the present moment. You can’t enhance anything outside of the present moment.



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Comediology by Chris S. Tabish

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