026 The Importance of Lifelong Learning for New Leaders with guest Edwin Frondozo


Always listen. – Edwin Frondozo

Hi everyone! Today we talk about the importance of lifelong learning for new leaders with Edwin Frondozo. Edwin is an Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor and Founder and Host of The Business Leadership Podcast.

We also discuss:

  • First hires,
  • Onboarding systems,
  • The importance of culture,
  • Helping those below and above you move forward,
  • Finding the time to learn new things, and more.

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Make your employees successful

Your job as a leader is to provide as much knowledge, as much resources as you can to your people. Assuming you’re hiring very skilled talent, you want to make sure that you’re giving them a space to excel in.

You want to be able to let your people grow so much that they’re going to get headhunted all the time, because your organization is topnotch. And that’s OK.

Make time for learning

Stop your streaming services. Stop watching your favorite sports games. Don’t go on social media – you’ll get three hours back into your day.

Sometimes that can be tough to hear.

But a lot of us can absolutely find the time to learn, whether it’s sitting and reading, listening on the ride to work. I constantly remind my network of that because it’s so easy to get distracted with the every day that you actually don’t read or don’t consume or develop anything. And then you tell yourself this narrative, this lie, that there’s no time, when in fact there actually is time.

Listen, and continue to listen

Listen. If you’re a new manager, even if you’re a new executive – don’t try to change anything in the first 90 days. You just want to listen. Listen to all your team members. Listen to your clients. Listen to your managers, the stakeholders.

You don’t want to change anything right away. You want to know what’s going on before you can implement something or change something or bring in what you think is better for the role.

Ultimately, it’s highly likely that you’re coming into a role that you’re replacing someone. So something’s going on. Something went right, something went wrong. That’s a great opportunity to really listen to the people who have been there before.


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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Everyone’s An Artist (or At Least They Should Be): How Creativity Gives You the Edge in Everything You Do by Ron Tite

Edwin’s Productivity Tips:
– Pomodoro Technique
– Systemizing your inbox