017 Practical Strategy Made Simple with guest Simon Brocklehurst


If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re never going to arrive there.


Hi everyone! Welcome to The New Leader Podcast. Today’s guest is Simon Brocklehurst.

Simon is a commercial leader with a unique breadth of experience working in, and with, many of the world’s leading organizations. He established CommercialSolutions consulting, a different kind of consulting firm, to help you solve your commercial challenges: creating clear, pragmatic plans and supporting their delivery.

In this episode, we talk about

  • His first leadership role,
  • Staying true to yourself,
  • How to create a strategy,
  • Disruption,
  • And a lot more.

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Stay True to Yourself

I worked in an organization with a very controlling culture; there was always a culture of fear. There was a lot of inexperience and insecurity in the leadership.

I was delivering the goals, but I think what I did there was I tried too hard to deliver how the people who were in charge wanted me to deliver, rather than how I should have done. I didn’t stay true to myself.

What I realized afterward was that the internal conflict there was perceived as inauthentic sometimes by some of the people I worked with, and they didn’t see how much I really cared for them, how I really wanted them to be successful.

I think the lesson for me certainly is, whatever situation you’re in, you need to be authentic. Absolutely essential for any leader, new or experienced.

What is “Strategy”?

For me, strategy should be simple. It should be very practical; it should yield results quite quickly, because you need to have a clear vision and you need to make it happen.

Strategy is a plan. That’s it. It’s a plan to achieve something.

You need to do a couple of things: one, you need to have a clear vision. Obviously, you must have an idea of where you’re going. Pick a destination. The best way to do that is to do it with a group.

Then it’s about what you are going to do to achieve that vision. What are you going to focus on? What are you not going to focus on?

The final thing is who’s going to do what, when and how. Prioritization – don’t try to do it all in one go. Break it down into tasks and say, “Which one are we going to do first, second, and later on to get to where we’re going?”

For me, it’s all about this continuous process of improving and moving towards your vision.


I have a process, I call it VISTA – Vision, Strategy, Tactics and Achieve. It’s not rocket science, it’s pretty simple.

    • Create a Vision.
    • Decide on what are your focus areas, your strategies.
    • Get your tactics clear. What are the things you are actually going to do?
    • Achieve them. Stay flexible, track where you’re going, keep the discipline, make sure you’re focused on what you’re doing action-wise and everyone knows what’s doing what and when.

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