011 The Power of One on Ones with Ian Daley


Welcome to The New Leader Podcast. Today we have a short, 12-minute episode on the importance of one-on-one meetings.

We talk about five things:

  1. What’s a one-on-one meeting?
  2. 5 reasons why we do one-on-one meetings
  3. When do you do them?
  4. How does it work? What’s the format?
  5. Potential pitfalls to avoid with these types of meetings.

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One-on-One Meetings

Very simply, it is a meeting between a manager and an employee. It’s dedicated time on a regular basis, it’s pre-scheduled, and it’s always private between those two people.

Why do we do them?

One-on-one meetings encourage open communication. That’s the basis of a great foundation of a relationship – regular communication. It also gives employees time to prepare. If you know you have access to your manager on a regular basis for a set period of time, it allows you to think and prepare for what you want to talk about.

How does it work?

Before you even have that one-on-one with an employee, you want to give them notice about what’s coming around the corner. Nobody likes a surprise from their manager on a Monday morning about a major change in their routine. So I would recommend that you give them at least 4-6 weeks notice. It sounds long, but it does take the edge off when a change is coming.

You want to be transparent. In that message, you’re telling them why you want to connect.


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