005 2018 Wrap Up: Upcoming Guests and How to Make 2019 a Banner Year with Ian Daley

Welcome to The New Leader Podcast. I’m your host, Ian Daley. Today we’re going to have a short, five-minute episode to wrap up 2018.

The purpose of this episode is two-fold. First, I want to give you a quick teaser on some upcoming guests that will be joining the show in 2019, and second, I want to remind you about the free tool that you can access to make 2019 a banner year.

Have a wonderful holiday season and see you next year!

Upcoming Guests

One of my guests in the beginning of January will be David Dingwall. David and I will talk about the three things about negotiation that you need to know in your career. David is an expert in this area.

Next up we have Carolyn Swora who’s a workplace culture architect. Carolyn is the author of Rules of Engagement: Building a Workplace Culture to Thrive in an Uncertain World. Culture in the workplace is a very hot topic right now and Carolyn and I will dig into that.

We will also have Trevor Murphy, Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations at the Newfoundland Growlers – a professional hockey team. Trevor and I are going to talk about sports and leadership lessons from the ice. I’ve known Trevor since I was young, and he’s really someone who embodies everything that a leader should be.

Lastly, we’ll also have Adrian Salamunovic, a serial entrepreneur. He and I sat down to chat about his new book, Free PR: How to Get Chased by the Press Without Hiring a PR Firm. We will talk about public relations and PR for leaders and new managers.

Free Tool

If you want to make 2019 a banner year, click this link to access a free tool I’ve created called an Achievement Workbook. If you already have a copy of the workbook, or if you sign up to get a copy, I’ll also throw in a free 30-minute consultation if you send me an email at info@iandaley.com.

The reason I do this is because I know how much it benefited me having somebody walk me through the goal-planning exercise when I’m setting my goals for the new year. 2019 should be the year where you take control and blast through your goals, and I’d be honored to be part of that.


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